Revolutionize Your Kitchen Design Business: AI-Powered Kitchen Design Tool


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How AI could help kitchen design business?

In the competitive world of kitchen design, companies strive to stand out through superior service, pricing, and product quality. However, a key challenge remains: enhancing user engagement. Many companies burden customers with lengthy questionnaires before even booking a meeting, leading to a disconnect between what customers want – a quick glimpse of potential designs, cost estimates, and implementation timelines – and what they experience.

Enter the AI Kitchen Designer – a game-changing tool set to revolutionize the kitchen design industry. This innovative technology offers a two-fold solution:

  1. Instant Design Visualization: By allowing customers to upload images of their space, the AI Kitchen Designer can instantly generate multiple design options tailored to their preferences. This not only enriches user engagement but also accelerates decision-making.
  2. Accurate Budget Estimation: Beyond just design, our AI tool estimates costs based on the design choices and the kitchen company’s product catalog. This comprehensive approach addresses both aesthetic and practical aspects of kitchen design.

Speed and Flexibility in Design: Traditionally, kitchen designing is a time-consuming process, often taking weeks to months. Our AI Kitchen Designer significantly shortens this cycle by instantly generating and rendering high-quality designs. This efficiency empowers designers to focus on customization, such as altering colors or textures, ensuring each design is as unique as the homeowner's taste.

Key Features of AI Kitchen Designer

  • Tailored Designs: Create designs that reflect individual preferences, from cabinets to countertops, ensuring each kitchen is a unique masterpiece.
  • Quick Iterations, Quality Results: Reduce design time from weeks to seconds, allowing for rapid iterations without compromising on quality.
  • Enhanced Property Value: A well-designed kitchen not only elevates daily life but also boosts property resale value.
  • Diverse Material and Style Choices: From modern countertops to customizable cabinet styles and colors, the AI Kitchen Designer caters to all aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Visualizing Modern Appliances: Integrate and visualize modern appliances in various finishes to complement the overall kitchen aesthetic.

Real world use cases:

Rapid High-Definition Renderings from Initial Sketches:

A notable application of our AI Kitchen Designer is its ability to transform preliminary designs into high-definition renderings in mere seconds. For instance, a designer using SketchUp to create an initial 40% complete design can now leverage our tool to generate multiple detailed renderings instantly. This capability significantly benefits customers who often struggle to make final decisions, desiring to see various styles or colors. In traditional methods, designers had to repeatedly render each component, prolonging the project's completion. However, our tool allows for quick visualization of different design options with the same kitchen layout, drastically reducing project timelines.

kitchen design before

kitchen design after

Complete AI-Driven Kitchen Remodeling:

Our tool also enables complete kitchen remodeling based on specific user requests. For example, one of customer who is an interior designer needs to help their customer remodel the kitchen. However the customer request a proposal before they start. The designer can use our tool to generate ideas and propose them to the customer, which takes only 1 minute. Previously, it would take them days to start modeling, rendering, and photoshopping the final design,

She wants to use an olive green or dark green color scheme with shelving to replace the current top cabinet. This feature caters to customers' unique preferences, ensuring that their vision is accurately brought to life.

See the old kitchen and what we could generate based on her request.

kitchen design before

kitchen design after

Easy Switching Between Colors, Styles, and Materials:

Once the initial design is generated, users can effortlessly switch between different colors, textures, and materials. This flexibility allows for easy customization and refinement of the kitchen design without the need for extensive redesigns.

For example, AI will help you automatically change color of any part in the kitchen design,

kitchen design change color how to

Before and after

kitchen design change color how to

Shape-Based Rendering Generation:

The AI Kitchen Designer is equipped to generate designs based on the specific shape of the kitchen. Whether it's an L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped layout, a simple gallery, or a double gallery with or without an island, our tool automatically generates tailored designs. This intelligent feature ensures that the spatial dynamics of each kitchen are taken into account, resulting in practical and aesthetically pleasing designs.


The customer has a simple gallery with an island, and the kitchen size is larger than 250 sqft. With the AI kitchen design agent, the AI designer directly generates a kitchen design based on it.

kitchen design shape

kitchen design shape after

kitchen design shape after

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